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Tangled Up In Blue - Premium Cotton T-Shirt / White

Tangled Up In Blue - Premium Cotton T-Shirt / White

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Our latest design here at Gwladrags is based on a photograph of Dylan in the Dock Road area of Liverpool taken by Barry Feinstein, a photographer who accompanied Dylan during his 1966 world tour, a year after he caused uproar among his folk fans by going electric.

Dylan and Feinstein just seemed to have stumbled into what amounted to a kids’ playground.

"It was such a clash of 1960s culture. The kids looked like Victorian street urchins and Dylan looked like a man from Mars with his loud shirt and wild hair – that’s what fascinated me.”

Barry Feinstein recalls the occasion; “We were down in this area and all these kids were around. I said to Bob ‘Let’s have a picture of them’. The kids all sort of gathered around him and filled in the spaces. He was just sitting there. I think he was enjoying it. He likes kids.”

The location in the photograph still exists, in Dublin Street, close to Liverpool’s Dock Road. The picture was taken on the 14th May 1966, Dylan was playing Liverpool’s Odeon Theatre that evening.

In the afternoon when the photograph was taken Everton were completing one of the greatest FA Cup Final comebacks against Sheffield Wednesday at Wembley. Many of the children’s parents were watching the game so they were left to play in the local streets.

** Gwladrags Exclusive **

Unisex classic premium jersey T-Shirt.
100% combed cotton.

Gwladrags branding to the sleeve.

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